When we’re not out givin’ the best dang bus tour of Nashville, we like to put together some helpful lessons for the common folk out there. This might answer your redneck questions about Nashville and give ya a head-start when ya come get Redneck Certified on our Nashville tour! 


Redneck Questions, Redneck Answers:

If y’all have never visited Nashville before, the city might seem paranormal – or paradoxical, whatever one it is. Ain’t nuthin’ normal about Music City, folks! Ever wonder about what makes Nashville, Nashville? Well, we got yer answers:

Why is there a Parthenon in the middle of Nashville?

The real question is: why wouldn’t there be a Parthenon in the middle of Nashville? It was built in 1987 as Tennessee Centennial Exposition and is the only full-scale replica of the original in Athens in the world. Today, it’s a museum where you can look at art and stuff. Pretty neat, eh?

Will we see Batman while we’re in town?

Probably not, but yer fixin’ to see the Batman Building in the downtown Nashville skyline! The AT&T building houses 2,000 workers and is currently the tallest building in the state. The French business journal Le Journal du Net even named it one of the 12 most iconic office buildings in the world!

So, will we hear music the moment we arrive in Music City?

Unless you can carry a tune in a bucket, don’t be expecting a giant musicalar fanfare when you arrive – but we welcome you nevertheless! Nashville isn’t called Music City because there’s music everywhere. In 1925, launch of WSM radio coupled with the Grand Ole Opry broadcast gave birth to the nickname “Music City.” It’s been around ever since.

What’s up with the indoor city and rainforest?

Oh, you must be referrin’ to the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. It’s recognized as the largest non-casino hotel in the nation and ranks as the 29th largest in the world. The hotel boasts 2,881 rooms and 200 suites. The Opryland Hotel consists of enormous indoor atriums modeled after majestic waterfalls and rainforests. Don’t try going swimmin’ in it tho!

What in the world is a Goo-Goo Cluster?

If you haven’t experienced a Goo Goo, you haven’t experienced life. This original southern confection is made with real milk chocolate, creamy marshmallow, scrumptious caramel, and nuts – peanuts, that is. It’s the perfect candy bar that everyone needs to try at least once in their lifetime.