Redneck Histary (Part 2)

Here at The Redneck Bus, when we’re not out giving the best dang tours around, we like to put together a little schoolin’ for ya common folk. When yer done, go ahead and join us for a tour of Nashville, or check out the 10 best things to do and see in Nashville!



What? You thought redneck history could fit in a single blog post? Naw, man – get real! Here’s part two of our comprehensive history lesson for rednecks.

GooGoo Clusters

The world’s first ever combination candy bar was invented right here in Nashville, Tennessee! In 1912, caramel, marshmallow, real milk chocolate, and fresh roasted peanuts found themselves in a copper kettle. Don’t ask us how they got there, but we’re glad they did. This was the first time that candy was created out of more than a primary ingredient.

So what makes GooGoo Clusters taste so good? Rumor has it that the inventors, Mr. Howell Campbell, Sr. and Mr. Porter More mixed the ingredients the same way you would blend fine whiskey. Each element is delicately spun and added together to make yummy in your tummy.


Belmont Mansion

Us rednecks take pride in having unique pets, but Adelicia Hayes Franklin Acklen Cheatham takes the cake: she had a pet bear in a bear house, not to mention a zoo on her property! Wow! In the 1800s, Adelicia and her husband constructed Belle Monte, which was later renamed to the Belmont Mansion.

The mansion is recognized as one of the most elaborate domestic spaces built in the region. A water tower, greenhouse, and many other landmarks distinguished the property. The mansion is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places and is now a central point on the campus of Belmont University.


Bicentennial Park

Don’t be fooled like us: the Bicentennial Mall Park isn’t a shopping mall, outlet, or strip mall. It’s a park located in downtown Nashville, at the footsteps of the capital. The park is 16 acres big, but don’t expect to do any huntin’ here. Instead, enjoy the history of the park’s natural attributes and statues commemorating Nashville’s history.

Many elements of the area such as the French Lick attracted wildlife and Native Americans are neat things to see. A World War II memorial will bring tears of joy and American pride to your eyes. What an incredible way to experience Music City!