Now even though Nashville is about a lot more than rednecks, we do love to celebrate all our redneck roots! With country music, NASCAR, and lotsa’ history, we’ve got plenty of famous rednecks to go around! Whether they were born here or decided to be a Nashvillian later, we’ve got a list of some of Nashville’s most popular rednecks!

1. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton in downtown Nashville

Dolly has got to be one of the most famous rednecks in the world, and this great lady decided to make her home in Nashville! Dolly likes to eeeem-brace her redneck roots, even saying once in an interview, “We were really redneck, roughneck, hillbilly people. And I’m proud of it.” Dolly’s family was poor growing up, but she knew that she wanted to play music from an early age, singing on the radio and getting her first guitar at the age of 8. By 13, this gal was performing at the Grand Ole Opry! Dolly went on to become a huge country star. These days Dolly isn’t just one of the most celeebrated female country singer off all time, but she’s a darn good actress too! Dolly is also a verree successful business woman, with theme parks and shows like Dollywood and the Dixie Stampede. She also founded the Dollywood Foundation, which gives out free books to children. Dolly sure is someone us rednecks can look up to!

2. Bobby Hamilton

Now everybody knows that the national redneck sport is NASCAR, so we couldn’t leave Bobby Hamilton off our list! Ole’ Bobby left school when he was only 13 to start drivin’ stock cars at the Music City Motorplex. NASCAR started noticin’ Bobby when he started racing against other well-known drivers, but it wasn’t until the 1989 Autoworks 500 that Bobby made his NASCAR debut, when he came in fifth place in a movie car that wasn’t even supposed to be competitive! Now that’s some redneck gumption! Bobby went on to win two Winston Cups and raise another NASCAR driver, Bobby Hamilton Jr.

3. Gretchen Wilson

Now if yur lookin’ for a redneck woman, you know you’ll find Gretchen Wilson – one of this country star’s biggest hits was actually the song “Redneck Woman”! Now even though Gretchen was born in Illinois, she decided to make Nashville her home town, which is sure good enough fer us! Gretchen, who’d grown up in trailer parks, began singing in bars when she was just 15! A bar manager found Gretchen singin’ a cover of Patsy Cline and gave her and her band the chance to be the house band. A couple of years later, moved to Nashville where she got herself a record deal. Not only is Gretchen a successful country singer, but she’s also an advocate for adult education and the charities like St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Dolly Parton

Now these are just a couple of rednecks that we here in Nashville can call ours! To hear more about our local color and colorful folks, come on down and take a tour on The Redneck Bus!