’bout Us

Have you ever fallen asleep at a museum? Or thought your tour guide was too big for his britches?  You’re not alone! Let’s face it: most ‘official’ city tours are pretty boring. They’ll take ya on a spin to the city’s museums, parks, and landmarks that are better left in the brochures. Yawn! At Redneck [...]

10 Incredible Things to Do in Nashville

Named America’s new “It” city by the New York Times, Nashville is an area vibrant with culture, music, and good old Southern hospitality. Whether you’re visiting or live in Music City itself, there are endless things to see and do in town. Below, we highlight some of the most popular things to do in Nashville [...]

Redneck Questions about Nashville

When we're not out givin' the best dang bus tour of Nashville, we like to put together some helpful lessons for the common folk out there. This might answer your redneck questions about Nashville and give ya a head-start when ya come get Redneck Certified on our Nashville tour!    Redneck Questions, Redneck Answers: If [...]

What is a Redneck?

We rednecks took a day off from giving tours of Nashville to help educate the common folk on exactly what a redneck is. If ya still ain't sure after reading this post, come out and get Redneck Certified with us next time your in Nashville and see for yourself! It's not quite complete, but we [...]

Redneck History

Redneck History (Part 1) So you’re trying to visit Nashville without learning a little redneck history? Well, that’ll go over like a pregnant pole vaulter! Fortunately for you, we’ve summarized the most important facts about Music City’s greatest sites. After you've learned your history, check out 10 Incredible Things to See and Do in Nashville.  [...]

Redneck History (Part II)

Redneck Histary (Part 2) Here at The Redneck Bus, when we’re not out giving the best dang tours around, we like to put together a little schoolin’ for ya common folk. When yer done, go ahead and join us for a tour of Nashville, or check out the 10 best things to do and see [...]

History of Moonshine

So since y’all can BYOM – Bring Your Own Moonshine – during your tour of Nashville on the Redneck Bus, we figured we’d help you folks out with a little historee on the beverage! After all, how can you be redneck certified if you don’t know anything about ole’ white lightening? Now fer the basics. [...]

Famous Rednecks from Nashville

Now even though Nashville is about a lot more than rednecks, we do love to celebrate all our redneck roots! With country music, NASCAR, and lotsa’ history, we’ve got plenty of famous rednecks to go around! Whether they were born here or decided to be a Nashvillian later, we’ve got a list of some of [...]