#1 Nashville Bus Tour & Comedy Sightseeing Excursion

Standard coach seats $35
Old timers 60 and over $30
Youngins 12 and under $25but likely will be over exposed to a level of tackiness that can forever warp their little minds.

Groups – gaggles, litters, packs or herds of 12 or more $30
Tips are not necessarybut gas money is strongly advised!
The bus seats Locals, Yankees or Furiners alike.
Special rates availablefor private parties, hillbilly reunions or corporate events.

Check your closetsRedneck clothing usually worn at least 2 sizes too small.
Hat or capwhat are you trying to hide?
Overallshell yeah.
Wife beatersshame on you
Belt Bucklesthe bigger the better.
ShoesIf you happen to bring them. Also remember to proudly display all tattoos and please note a comedy tour means laughing and smiling.
Don’t forget your teeth.

This Ain’t Your Granny’s Picnic!
Alcohol – Bring Your Own Moonshine or any beverage of your liken’.
Coolers Are Allowed – Size, gals think “carry-on luggage.”  Guys, think “tackle box.”
Just Good Eatin’ – Road kill, discouraged. Home baked goods, plan to share – after all we are family.
Other appropriate eats– Beef jerky,  pork rinds, anything from a can, Goobers, Whoppers and, of course, Goo Goo’s and Moon Pies.
For all you vegetarians, vegans and other fruit cakes– just bring gum.

Morning Tour Pickup Location:

Nashville Palace
11:00am ‘Eryday (7 days a week, folks!)
The Redneck Bus boards in the back parking lot of the Nashville Palace.

2611 McGavock Pike “Music Valley Drive”
Nashville, TN 37214
Free parkin’ round back!

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Afternoon Tour Pickup Location:

Frugal MacDoogal
2:00pm ‘Eryday (7 days a week, folks!)
2:00pm & 4:00pm Saturday
The Redneck Bus boards in the Frugal MacDoogal parking lot.

701 Division St.
Nashville, TN 37203
Free parkin’

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